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Luma Trading Ltd. established itself in Malta in late 2015, where by the principal activity of the company is in the ferroalloys business. Luma Trading Ltd. forms part of Luma Holding Group, which is focused on mid-market investments, targeting a particular geographic region – CEE and Balkans.

Luma Trading Ltd. offers a wide range of products to various customers.

The company contracts mostly in bulk and complex ferroalloys. Bulk ferroalloys include: ferrochrome, ferromanganese, silicomanganese, ferrosilicon. Complex ferroalloys are characterised by silicochrome and silicoaluminium.

It is founded by Luma Holding Group, a successful investment firm managed by an experienced professional team who specialise in the management of various private and public enterprises as well as projects related to privatisation, restructuring & improving efficiency in M&A in the Polish and international market.

Our clients

Steel mills

Steel foundries


Alloying industries

FerroAlloys smelters

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Our experienced team members will provide our customers with reliable, professional and cost effective solutions.

Mirosław Wilczek

Chairman of the Board

Darya Malyutina

Market Analyst

Christine Tellus

Office Manager