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Ferrosilicochrome (SiCr) is an alloy containing about 11-60% Si, 24-64% Cr, 0,01-6,0% C. The more silicon content alloy has, the less carbon it contains. SiCr (10-46% Si) is usually used during low-alloyed steel smelting, and also for creating low- and medium-carbon ferrochrome with silico-thermic method. SiCr (43-55% Si) is used for the production of low- or so called “non-carbon” ferrochrome and stainless steel melting. SiCr can be used to replace ferosilicon as a slag reduction addition. The alloy with high silicon content (up to 60%) is added to corrosion- and heat-resistant steels.

Among the users of SiCr are many steel plants, foundries and ferroalloys producers. Obviously, the biggest share of SiCr is consumed by the running low-carbon ferrochrome producers.

Ferrosilicoaluminium (FeSiAl), as other ferroalloys, is used in steel industry and foundry industry. In the production of steel, it is used as a deoxidizer and an alloying component, in the production of iron – as a modifier. For steel deoxidation FeSiAl with the following composition is used: 20% Al and 40% Si; 18-30% Al and 40-75% Si; 45% Al and 35% Si; 10% Al and 50% Si.

The main feature of FeSiAl is combination of two chosen by the steel industry components – Silicon and Aluminum – in one product. Hence the market for such products is very wide and includes steel plants all over the world.

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