We focus on meeting our client requirements, whilst offering the highest quality material, products and services. Luma Trading Ltd. key priorities are customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Luma Trading Ltd. continuously works on offering a wide range of products to its customers. We develop a niche market for special ferroalloys which has become popular due to its high efficiency and benefits of its usage.


Our goal is to ensure that our business runs as smooth as possible whilst meeting the needs of our customers, at the highest quality of service. Our products are evolving with the involvement of R&D projects.


We pride ourselves in offering authentic products of high quality to our customers. Our priority is to provide the best options as well as correspond to the price – quality guidelines.

Who We Are

Luma Trading Ltd. established itself in Malta in late 2015, where by the principal activity of the company is in the ferroalloys business. Luma Trading Ltd. forms part of Luma Holding Group, which is focused on mid-market investments, targeting a particular geographic region – CEE and Balkans.

Luma Trading Ltd. offers a wide range of products to various customers.

The company contracts mostly in bulk and complex ferroalloys. Bulk ferroalloys include: ferrochrome, ferromanganese, silicomanganese, ferrosilicon. Complex ferroalloys are characterised by silicochrome and silicoaluminium.

It is founded by Luma Holding Group, a successful investment firm managed by an experienced professional team who specialise in the management of various private and public enterprises as well as projects related to privatisation, restructuring & improving efficiency in M&A in the Polish and international market.

Our clients

Steel mills

Steel foundries


Alloying industries

FerroAlloys smelters


Luma Trading Ltd. manages the activities of different products whilst ensuring that transport and materials are met at the contracted timelines.


Luma Trading Ltd. has carefully selected number of reliable logistics companies to secure timely deliveries to our clients. Our dedicated team operates across the world and offers land, railway and sea transportation at favourable and competitive prices.

Services & Marketing

We are willing to collaborate with clients through exclusive agreements or particular marketing strategies. We are able to integrate processing activities for different bulk products, whist at the same time ensuring transport and delivery schedules are met.

Sourcing and procurement

Luma Trading Ltd. source a wide range of commodities upon request from reliable third-party suppliers. Our customer portfolio consists mostly of major European steel mills and ferroalloys producers including short and long term relations. Our Strong market position enables us to receive a substantial number of offers, giving us the opportunity to be selective to the most suited client requirements.

Our Products

Luma Trading Ltd continuously works on improving and expanding the range of products available to its customers. Currently the company is working on developing the niche market for special and complex ferroalloys which have become popular due to its high efficiency and benefits of its usage.

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