Mn alloys

available on request

Manganese (Mn) and silicon are important elements in the steelmaking industry – they alloy, deoxidize and remove sulphur from steel. Manganese is used as an alloying element in almost all types of steel and is recognised for its hardenability increase. Each steelmaker defines its own mixture of High-carbon FerroManganese (HC FeMn), SilicoManganese (SiMn) and FerroSilicon (FeSi) these are added during the smelting process. There are usually two common ways of using  Mn alloys;

⋅ mixture of HC FeMn and FeSi;

⋅ SiMn (becomes more popular due to economic effect).

Size can be offered according to customer requirements.
Packaging: bulk, big bags, pallets.

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